Writing together – few tips

  • Save you document with a date, starting from a year (easy to search by name/keep the order), E.g. 20201108_Mianuscript_printing of lungs
  • When you make many iterations, write for a long time – save few versions, not always overwrite E.g. Mianuscript_printing of lungs_v1
  • When you write with other people, add your initial in the version corrected by you: E.g. Mianuscript_printing of lungs_v1_GW, Mianuscript_printing of lungs_v1_GW_MB, Mianuscript_printing of lungs_v1_GW_MB_GW
  • Use “track changes”, to make it easier for other to see what you have changed
  • Accept the changes before making new iteration of corrections (if you are the owner of the document or the first Author), if you do not agree with somebody or something is not clear – add a comment; sometimes it is clearer to accept/reject changes and add the comment than leave everything in track changes mode
  • Be carful with adds-on, like EndNote when working with other people on the same documents – the numbering can get messy