We have received the following funding:

2020 two NWO XS awards: Highly competitive personal grants for rapid exploration of ground-breaking and high-risk ideas (100k€ total, 50k€ each) from Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO), NL; (ca. 7% success rate)

2020 OPUS: Prestigious personal research grant open to researchers at all career stages (1.6kPLN: ca. 350k€) from National Science Centre (NCN), PL; (ca. 15% success rate)

2019 NAWA Polish Returns homing grant to establish independent group, PL (2.1kPLN: ca. 450k€)

2019 NWO VENI Grant: Prestigious personal grant (275k€) from NWO, NL; (ca. 14% success rate)

We have also received internal support from The Silesian University of Technology and The University of Groningen. We are thankful for the support of our work and research.