Steps in writing publication

  1. Collect data carefully and properly (follow Data Management Plan)
  2. Prepare figures -> write the draft of the manuscript ( this order often helps)
  3. Identify proper journal -> which ones do you read? What is the impact of your work?
  4. Write the final draft of your manuscript following the guidelines form the journal
  5. Send the manuscript for corrections to the co-Authors (you may also ask tchem to write relevant parts)
  6. Submit the final version (you or the corresponding author)
  7. Wait for the assignment of the Editor and Reviewers (usually 2-3 external reviewers/other scientists from the field. You may exclude competitors)
  8. Wait for feedback:
    • Accepted without corrections (very rare)
    • Accepted after minor revision (quick, few small adjustments)
    • Accepted after major revision (more work, but good chances for the acceptance)
    • Rejected – why? Do you want to submit to other journal or revise first?
  9. Write answer to Reviewers – be polite, even if they didn’t read carefully in your opinion
  10. After acceptance – celebrate