Malgorzata Wlodarczyk-Biegun Group

Silesian University of Technology
University of Groningen

We are focusing on new frontiers in biofabrication and development of in-vitro 3D tissue models.

Natural tissues are highly organized structures, with an intricate microarchitecture, often characterized by a gradual transition of biological, chemical, and mechanical properties. The close resembling of this native, multifactorial environment is critical for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. To address the need for treatments with high therapeutic potential, we are employing 3D biofabrication techniques, i.e., extrusion bioprinting and melt electrowriting, to build up close mimics of native tissues. We are also interested in the development of adequate in vitro tissue models, e.g., for toxicity and drug testing, to decrease and ultimately replace animal experimentation in biomedical science. Our main research themes include 3D bioprinting, Melt electrowriting, and Bio-instructive materials.