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30st Annual Meeting of the Nederlands society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

9 – 10 December 2021

Keynote lecture of Gosia on Melt Electrowriting for tissue engineering applications.

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The 6th World Congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS2021) 

15 – 19 November 2021

During the session BF9 Electrospinning and melt electrowriting two team members will has an oral presentations:
Malgorzata Wlodarczyk-Biegun Melt Electrowriting enables fabrication of biomimetic hierarchical scaffolds” and Magdalena Gladysz Thin Melt-Electrowritten Scaffolds as a Novel Alternative for Porous Inserts in Blood-Brain Barrier Models in Vitro.

Additionally, Piotr Zielinski will present the proster Melt Electrowritten Scaffolds For Soft-To-Hard Tissue Interfaces: Mechanical And Biological Evaluation. 

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The International Conference on Biofabrication 2021 Australia

27 – 29 September

Melt electrowriting of gradient scaffolds for interface tissue engineering Poster Session.
Sep 27 7:35am – 8:20am

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31st Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB 2021)

7 September 2021 during the PMSession: Biomaterials: “The Roadmap Towards Personalised Strategies in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering” Malgorzata Wlodarczyk-Biegun will have an oral presentation: Complex designs for tissue regeneration: Melt Electrowriting of gradient scaffolds.

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