Joanna Żur-Pińska has received the scholarship from NAWA Bekker Programme

The Bekker Programme supports the international mobility of scientists and constitutes a great opportunity for long-term internships at the world’s most prestigious universities. The scholarship is funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange and allows the implementation of interesting projects together with Host Institutions as well as establishing new relationships.

The project titled ‘Substrate specificity of cytochrome P450 in Stenotrophomonas sp. in regards to antimicrobial agent triclosan’ will be realized in Prof. Antony Hay’s research group (Cornell University, USA). The main goal of the project is to determine the prevalence of CYP450 in bacterial isolates and to evaluate its role in triclosan degradation by chemical genomics and Mobile-CRISPRi – the innovative system which allows quick genetic modifications of environmental bacteria.