Melt Electrowriting of hierarchical structures for regeneration of hard-soft tissue interfaces

In this project, we are using biofabrication approach to construct complex and hierarchical structures with high precision. A novel melt-writing (MEW) technology with the support of computer modeling is used. MEW is a bio-printing technique that uses high voltage to deposit the molten polymer in the form of well-organized thin fibers with diameters of a dozen or so micrometers. It is a very promising tool for accurately mapping complex hierarchical structures. In the first stage of work, I am employing an approach based solely on the so-called metamaterials, where the final properties of the scaffold depend only on its architecture, not on the material composition. I am focused on detailed cell-material interaction studies. In the next step, based on the experimental results and modeling, I will adjust the scaffold design to reconstruct the soft-hard connections with improved properties. Modifications of materials are envisaged here, such as including cell adhesion domains, inorganic particles, and drugs.

Project involvement:
Pavan Gudeti

Funded by:
NAWA (Polish Returns grant no. PPN/PPO/2019/1/00004/U/0001)